Why Gold Foiling Is The Top Pick for Wedding Card Designs

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You’re going all out for your dream wedding which begins with picking out a perfect designer wedding cards. What spells dreamy, more than a classy gold foiled invite? While you’re still wondering about it, take a look at some of our top picks in gold foil stamping for perfect Indian wedding cards that will tell you why you should choose foil stamping on wedding cards designs with price variation based on the type of foiling!



Let’s Learn about Gold Foiling

What is gold foiling or foil stamping?
Gold Foiling is a special printing process, which uses metal dyes, rolling machines and heat to transfer the foil onto your card and create a bright and shining pattern that is truly luxurious. It is one of the processes carried out on many designer Indian wedding cards.

How does Gold Foiling work?
First, special dyes are made for the design, using materials like copper or brass. These dyes are created using hi-tech laser cutters and then fine-tuned by hand by expert karigars.


The card and dye are loaded into the foil press machine with a roll of gorgeous gold foil. This has to be done carefully to make the alignments 100% perfect! The machine then runs and stamps the cards with high pressure and heat, transferring the foil design onto the card (hence also called hot foiling).


And not to forget, the result is every bit fancy as the process itself.

Although it comes at a slightly steeper cost than other forms of printing, foil stamping gives your wedding a glamorous high shine finish which is hard to miss!Take a look at the finished product and you’ll know why top celebrities all opt for a classy gold foil to make their wedding invitation super glamorous.

Here’s IPL cricketer, Karun Nair’s wedding card made with classy gold foil in the studio of www.mostlyhandmade.com that is sure to make you a fan of foiling.

Hindu wedding cards, Muslim wedding cards, Parsee wedding cards, Christian wedding cards – any culture you can think of, all it needs is a touch of foil to make it gorgeous.


– Gold foiled cards don’t involve traditional ink and paper printing and this matters because when your wedding palette is in the lighter or pastel colored range, ink may change the overall appearance of the text on your card. But with foiling, it stands out and does not alter the way you want your wedding card to look!

– Modern couples with a minimalistic style can use foiling to great advantage

– These foils have a metallic, luxurious finish that adds charm to your card instantly and the shine doesn’t fade ever. It can make all the difference to a card that is not heavy in design elements
Lastly, this is the classiest trend going around and if we’re talking about your wedding, and if it is anything synonymous with what this post was about, foiling is meant for you!
Did you know? Our very own Deepika and Ranveer, Bollywood celeb couple #1, who had one of the most talked about celebrity wedding in the recent past chose a very simplistic ivory and gold foiled wedding card, boosting this classic trend. Ever since, tons of celebrity wedding invites have incorporated this method and we can all understand why… take a look at their card and you will fall in love!


At MHM, we create high quality regal designs that incorporate this foiling method. Here are some products that we created for our happy customers.

Bokeh_Goldfoil_WeddingInviteDamask Gold Foil

Foiled temple bells

So, are you in love yet? We know we are….and if you have decided to choose this classy trend of gold foiling for your wedding invitation, share with us! Write to us at hello@mostlyhandmade.com and tell us how you used this cool technique to make your wedding card fabulous!

Now that you have understood why gold foiling is one of the top picks to get the best finish for your wedding invitations, browse Mostly Handmade’s Gold foiled  wedding card collection of the season!

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Mostly Handmade brings to you the entire wedding card suite – Cards, Inserts, Gold foils, Hand-made illustrations and a plethora of finishes & trims like belly belts, vellum wraps, personalized wax seals, tags, monograms and more.


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