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Wax seals are the latest trends when it comes to sealing invites with love!

Wax Seals bring a special touch to your wedding cards suite. They come from a long standing tradition when King’s courts used wax seals to authenticate documents, issue wills and sign decree. Today Wax seals on marriage stationary is a unique tradition that brings a royal touch.
When it comes to wax seals the details are key

Wax_Seals_Personalised_Mostly Handmade
They may seem expensive but are surprisingly very affordable that brings romance and showmanship to the entire wedding portfolio.

Mostly Handmade wedding card design studio can work with you across a range of wax seals offerings – monogrammed wax seals, signature designs wax seals, Sentiments wax seals or even the table number wax seals for menu cards.

Go as customized as you like or spend time personalizing it by seeking DIY help from the MHM design team.


At Mostly Handmade you would find wax seals options – across variety of colors, fonts, sizes and edges to style-complement your invitation suite. There is also a superior quality adhesive backing that is shipped for easy application.


Browse MHM Offerings for wax seals and then call us to customize it for your special day!


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