Trendiest Botanical Wedding Card Designs on Pinterest


The popular social media web company, Pinterest, designed to enable discovery of information on the world wide web using images, GIF’s and videos is an excellent way to curate themes. So be it dream wedding destinations, DIY hair styles, or putting together trendy wedding cards for inspirations, Pinterest is a cool place to browse.

In this blog piece, for wedding invites, we take a quick look at the botanical wedding card designs trending across Pinterest. Use them to imagine yours, or maybe reference them and talk to Mostly Handmade’s design team.


Beige Floral Botanical


Botanical Wreath


Plantable Basil Invite 


Modern Minimalistic Florals


Golden Love



Rustic Peach Watercolor arrangements – Chic and trendy Typography completes the look!


Now that you know the top trending botanical wedding card designs on Pinterest, why not head over to Mostly Handmade wedding card collections? You would find some classy card collections including wedding ecards.

Mostly Handmade Design is a Bengaluru based Creative Design Studio that specializes in contemporary & minimalistic wedding invites, artisanal floral & ethnic designs, Quirky & Boho wedding card designs and wedding e-cards.

Mostly Handmade brings to you the entire wedding card suite – Cards, Inserts, Gold foils, Hand-made illustrations and a plethora of finishes & trims like belly belts, vellum wraps, personalized wax seals, tags, monograms and more.

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