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Whether you’re planning an over-the-top wedding celebration or want to keep it fun and quirky, there are some do’s and don’ts for wedding invitation wordings that you must not miss.

THE most important rule for wedding invitation wording is to keep it short and sweet!

Text-light cards are becoming more and more popular because they look less cluttered, leaving plenty of space for design elements to shine.


Let’s see how we can prioritize the wedding invitation wording to get the best out of your wedding card.

  1. Who’s hosting 

For a new age couple that is hosting the wedding on their own, it’s traditional to invite the guests directly on your behalf.

Take a look at one such card below and you’ll know what we mean-


However, like a majority of couples around the world, if you have a large and loving family, it might become necessary to mention a few additional family names and that’s fine too! 

Take a look at some cards with heavy text that still manages to look modern and beautiful-




  • Ask your designer to select fonts that read well at smaller sizes
  • Choose designs that concentrate on the sides or corners. This will keep your card balanced and beautiful and still leave plenty of space for text.
  • Avoid too many colors or patterns on a single card
  • Keep it classy – use no more than 2 types of fonts on the invitation – a bold one for the names and a simple yet readable one for the rest of the content.

Here are our top picks for elegant font pairing for wedding invitation wordings that will help you pick your wedding style–

2. Full date & time of the event

It might seem obvious, but in the rush and stress of wedding planning, mistakes happen! 

Make sure you have mentioned the date, month and year and possibly, the day of the week. Thoughtful details like this make planning easier for your guests.


Check out this clever card design that uses great design layout to highlight the date!

3. Venue details

Balancing the address of the venue, while making sure that it’s not too lengthy can be quite a challenge. Always aim to give the name of the venue, the street name, and the city name. It’s not necessary to mention pin codes or building numbers at all. 

In the days before mobile phones, many couples chose to include a helpful map on the card, but these days such old-school methods have been replaced by much more elegant solutions. Simply check your venue on google maps. This will make sure your guests reach the right place while avoiding lengthy address or large maps cluttering up your wedding card!


PRO TIP: Some tech-savvy couples even opt for a QR code, which can be both discreet and elegant

4. RSVP & Dress Code
Once you have the critical details out of the way, and still think you have some space to play with, consider such helpful details like RSVP and Dress Code. 


RSVP helps ensure that in case of last-minute difficulties, your guests have someone to call for help while making sure that the bride & groom are not bombarded with unnecessary calls!


Dress Code can be a playful way to set the mood for the party, giving invitees a helpful guide to being appropriate to your theme.


Your wedding invitation is the first and most lasting touchpoint of your wedding, for your family, guest and for you…. so make sure you have fun with it and get creative.

Remember rules are important, but if it makes everyone happy, don’t be shy to break a few!

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