Top Wedding Color Schemes for 2020


2020 is around the corner and it’s time for our summer brides to start planning and what’s first on the agenda? Why your wedding colors of course.


Choosing a wedding color palette goes a long way in managing your wedding look. It makes sure your décor, invitations, clothes and other important details are all in sync and is the easiest way to get to that professional look that we all want for our day.


Take a look at the top spring color trends for weddings in 2020-




The mint color palette is one of the most effervescent wedding choices yet and this year it’s making a whole new comeback with platinum.

That’s right….match your fresh mint palette with platinum and a spark of diamonds for the ultimate royal look  #goldisold





If pastels are not your jam, don’t despair! Teal is on top of the list for summer 2020. Pair it with a dash of mustard or go bold with gold shimmer and you have all the ingredients for success





If you’re dreaming of lush gardens and flowing satins, this color palette is sure to make you go wild. Rich deep colors that pair fabulously with all that gold that your mom’s been hoarding up for your big day 😀  Don’t forget to cut the richness with a dash of green for a truly classy touch






One of the most difficult color palettes to pull of, this one’s not for the fair hearted. But if you have the confidence, flaunt your bride glow with this delicate peach palette and don’t forget to add generous dashes of glitter to your get-up





A fresh new color palette that’s making its debut this season, this one’s so good, it’s a no-brainer! If standing out is your thing, pick this wonderfully fresh palette and make it your own – there are no rules so match it with gold or platinum and make sure to add some mossy strokes for contrast





We can’t get enough of this absolutely smashing new palette for 2020. Fresh waves of surf and deeper tones of the ocean come together for a truly breathtaking ensemble. Again, a palette that makes heads turn and a real treat when matched with burnished tones of gold and copper

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