Top 5 pranks to make your wedding memorable

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Indian wedding preparations are known for their fun and laughter so we think that there’s nothing better than a good wedding prank to lighten the atmosphere and make some great unforgettable memories that you can look back and laugh about! Read on to prepare or be prepared for some super whacky but lovingly harmless prank ideas.

1. The Classic drunken bride.

It’s the oldest trick in the book yet the most effective one. Yes! If you already know what we’re talking about, chances are that you have experience this first hand and you definitely know what ultimate wedding fun it can be to watch the horrified expression on people’s faces! It’s simple, the bride has to just arrive at the wedding swaying, singing and dancing uncontrollably as if she were heavily intoxicated. She could take it a little further by scaring the groom by laughing hysterically or breaking into a sudden dance. It’s quite evil, we aren’t going to deny 😉

This one makes for a great ice breaker, but make sure that you know the families well enough to pull it off and that they are lighthearted enough to avoid embarrassing misunderstanding, or the joke’s on you!



2. DARE to frighten the groom?

Stealing the groom’s shoes are so last year ! These days, the ladkiwale (Team Bride) are taking their wedding fun task seriously! As the groom arrives and the bride party goes to receive him, STOP! This is a perfect chance for a wedding prank and it can make for some great laughs to stall the impatient bride and groom. Do not allow the groom to enter until he performs certain dares that you as Team Bride have planned. Show them what your bride is worth and do not take no for an answer!


Pro tip: You MUST go absolutely crazy with the dares. Start plotting all your evil plans!



3.The wedding wheel

This one is for #TeamBride once again! Now we know the perks of being on the bride’s party, don’t we? This is a super wedding fun game that consists of a spinning wheel filled with dares and wedding pranks and the groom must spin it upon his arrival!



The dares must be completed and if the bride is impressed, he may enter the ceremony and if not, keep spinning!



4.A superhero intervention!

Now, one for the Groom’s entourage…who needs fussy dress codes, when you can have some cool fun with costumes! If you’re part of the groomsmen’s team, then there is a fun chance for you to do something really cool ! Get together to hold a special superhero intervention for the super couple. Dress up as the favorite superhero characters of the couple and plan a flash mob that will take not only the couple but the rest of the guests by surprise! It makes for a light wedding prank moment, some great photo ops and if the couple are fans of the franchisee, they will thank you for it!



5.The surprise dance party!

It’s your best friend’s wedding and you just need an excuse to dance, right? That’s just what happened at Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s wedding and everyone loved it! So gather the friends and family of the couple and rehearse a quick dance number so you can disrupt the ceremony with a cool flash mob dance troupe! This is a great opportunity for the friends from both sides to get to know each other and also for family from both sides to mingle. Now that’s a moment when the whole crowd goes ‘awwww’.

Draw in the couple’s parents, so that they get to have a light moment with their children before all the serious stuff begins…they will treasure the memory forever!

dance party


So let your guards down and make the wedding day spontaneous and joyful. Life is meant to be a celebration, so let this April Fool’s message touch your hearts and we hope it inspires some light moments for the Big Day.

If you had one such funny anecdote at your wedding, do share with us! We’ll showcase your inspiring moment on our blog and let other couples take some inspiration to be bold for their celebration as well. So write to us at, we’d love to hear from you!



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