The Most Unique Wedding Invitations to Take Inspiration from in 2020


Gone are the boring days of old school wedding cards with fussy motifs and in-your-face religious symbols…today’s couples are choosing their own style and making statements that are both fresh and fascinating.

It’s no longer the age of fussy satin folders with dozens of pages that have the same repetitive fonts and predictable layouts. The well-travelled Indian wants wedding cards design that will balance their modern lifestyles and express their unique ethnic roots. A well-designed card can do all that and still fit in your budget, if you managed to find the right people for it!

Contemporary card studios understand that even though the essence of modern Indian wedding cards is to be traditional, they can look and feel very contemporary indeed. The wedding cards matter has matured as well. The focus has shifted to minimalism that everybody who reads can understand easily and appreciate.

Flashy does not say cool anymore, simplicity does.

Well, enough said about the latest and best wedding cards design India. It’s high time we showed you our top pick for the trendiest wedding cards design India and let you choose for yourself. So, without further ado, here’s presenting to you the best and most popular wedding cards design India, these are the ones you should be taking inspiration from when picking your own wedding invitation. So, here goes – the list of wedding card designs India.

Simple and Eternal:

In the madness that is wedding planning, take a moment of peace for yourself with this beautiful botanical wedding cards design inspired by fresh blossoms that is perfectly balanced and does a fabulous job of expressing the love that you’re feeling. Give your guests a touch of eternity to hold forever with these elegant fonts and spaciously laid out wedding cards matter. Leaving the card light and breezy means you can indulge with fun elegant wedding fonts that really make a fashionable statement with the wedding card design. Remember, todays’ trend is less is more, so let the words breath and use your spaces wisely and you will have a wedding card that is truly eternal.

Thoughtful Celebrations:

Earth-conscious modern couples are more and more worried about the waste that lavish wedding usually result it. Now you can be a part of the new revolution and make a commitment to Mother Earth on your special day too. Go for this latest trend of wedding invitations with this unique and stunning concept of wedding cards with seeds. These plant-able eco friendly wedding cards with seeds just blew our mind away. They are recycled and each card will grow into many new flowering plants …now that’s a trend we want to get behind!

So choose to buy a eco friendly wedding card and pledge to the environment.

But beware of frauds…there are many cons out to make a quick buck so make sure your card studio is using fresh and high quality echo friendly wedding cards and printing with delicate handmade methods like screen printing and not harsh machine made digital printing that could crush the seeds. Lots if cheap fakes in eco friendly cards in the market will print anything and dupe you with cards that will not germinate. But if you choose the right vendor you will get a wedding card design that will blow everyone’s mind with your unique thoughtfulness.

Elegant and timeless:

If you think about it with a fresh mindset, there is really no need for a wedding invitation to have excess of leaflets for each event, especially if your guest list doesn’t change much for each day, right? So out with the fussy and let’s make way for something classy this year. Put your money into quality and not quantity. Make your card design elegant and eternal. A good designer card maker will be able to create a classy wedding invite that puts all the important information down for you without getting into fussy and formal with the wedding cards matter.

These designs make great use of negative spaces to create a sense of elegance and grace that balances so well with the pastel floral motifs. It leaves plenty of space for the important things in life and does away with unnecessary details that only serve to clutter up your beautiful wedding card.

Contemporary and Ethnic:

At the end of the day, all you really need to tell your guests are the details of the venue, timings and all the functions that are taking place. This gorgeously minimalistic ethnic wedding cards design is a perfect example. It focuses the colors and flair on the most important parts of the card and eases the important information in without any interruption.

What’s more, making the right choice of wedding fonts, upto three events are easily accommodated into the same card. It looks great and saves paper. A win-win situation!

Don’t you just love all these unique and gorgeous wedding cards design? Aren’t they the best and coolest wedding card designs you have ever seen? Well, they sure got our vote and we hope they sparked a light of inspiration in you for you to pick up a cool wedding card for your big day.

Which one of these wedding cards design India is your top pick? Let us know in the comments section below or drop in to our instagram account for some more daily inspiration–

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