Six Great Ways to Announce Your Wedding

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Every couple planning their wedding needs to get a  Save-The-Date card. It is a great way to announce your big event well in time for guests to plan their travel.

They are usually shared electronically so there is very little cost or hassle too.

Here are the Top designs for Save-the-Date cards that are popular this year-

  1. Fingerprint Save The Dates:  A super fun way to announce a wedding for the millennial couples who literally have their mark on it!



2.  Caricature cards: Often when your guests receive your wedding announcement, they are eager to meet your new other half and a great way to introduce them is with a fun, illustrated card. Talented artists and professional card makers will help you create these bespoke illustrations as a beautiful and life long memory.




3. Photo Cards: It’s often said that the glow of love is a beautiful thing and we agree! Happy couples make for gorgeous shots, so don’t hesitate to share your joy with a photo card! Guest love it too and often these end up as sentimental memories for everyone!



4. Classic and Elegant: If you don’t have the time for a photoshoot or are working in separate cities while you plan the wedding, as is so often the case in today’s busy world, consider some classic designs that are sophisticated and beautiful, but not so elaborate that they eclipse your main wedding card.




5. Calendar Formats: Visual aids work really well for Save-the-Dates, while also being fun and quirky. A cute calendar format with your main dates highlighted is not just cool but also smart!

6. Postcard Format: You’re sending mail so why not make it a postcard. It’s fun, fresh and looks great on email and mobile screens. This is a great option for those who don’t like too much fuss and prefer to be away from the limelight, while still making sure your guests notice the care and affection that has gone into the invite.


So have fun with your wedding prep and 

send out that Save the date already!

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