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Plantable Wedding Cards
Sustainable Wedding Cards
We care for the Pale.Blue.Dot*
We are sure you care too.
That is why, Mostly Handmade, is one of India’s first and perhaps only boutique wedding card design studio that hand designs Plantable wedding cards.
Why spend on expensive cards that are dumped into the garbage in a few days, when instead, you can watch the same card bloom, and grow into a beautiful flowering plant, that stays in each guest’s heart and home for many months – a gift that keeps on giving!
Weddings are milestone occasions because they are seen as ‘special events that sustain. Wedding cards similarly can be designed for sustainability.
That is precisely why the Mostly Handmade Studio functions as a creative wedding card design team that focusses on eco-friendly cards!
What are seed paper cards?
Plantable Paper or seed paper, is a biodegradable eco-paper/handmade paper that is made with post-consumer paper which is embedded with seeds.
The paper when planted in potting soil grows and the paper degrades leaving behind herbs, flowers, fruits or vegetables.
If you are interested, we can tell you all about in our blog on eco-weddings
How has the MHM and eco-friendly wedding cards journey been?
The Plantable cards suite at Mostly Handmade ensures that beautiful works of art are not processed with chemicals or mass-produced with machines. Instead, each card is painstakingly printed by hand using the age-old indigenous process of Serigraphy- a technique popular with such masters of the art as Andy Warhol and Jamini Roy.
Some of the cards take hours to print, but the results are well worth it! And did we mention that much of our seed paper is made from paper waste collected from local paper factories that would usually end up as landfill? This makes our seed paper invitations environment-friendly, sustainable and recycled!
What is the Mostly Handmade Wedding Card Suite all about?
Mostly Handmade brings to you the entire wedding card suite – Cards, Inserts, Gold foils, Hand-made illustrations and a plethora of finishes & trims like belly belts, vellum wraps, personalized wax seals, tags, monograms and more.
You might feel like Alice in Wonderland….so go ahead, browse the MHM selections across themes!
If you want to compose your wedding invitations designs with matching stationery like Itineraries, luggage tags, Menu cards, Order of Ceremony, ‘Shagun’ envelopes, and Save the date cards, then get in touch with this team of talented designers who not only love designing for the millennial couple but are also understanding of millennial problems like language translations, design aesthetics, time zones and of course ships conveniently and safely all over the world!
MHM Plantable wedding cards can be customized with elegantly matched inserts for RSVP, Thank you, Mehendi, Raas-Garba, Sangeet, Cocktail, and Gift Registry with beautiful boho finishes like Kraft and twine.
Want More?
Go the full nine yards!
Browse our TRIMS section to enhance your dream wedding with custom envelope liners, wax seals, vellum sleeves and belly belts.
What is the Mostly Handmade Card Design Promise?
Mostly Handmade has multiple lines of the design, both for paper cards and e-cards.
Browse Mostly Handmade’s bespoke design themes that straddle and borrows from the rustic, traditional, artistic, boho, modern minimalistic, ethnic, quirky, travel, caricatures, and even post-modern design motifs and philosophies
From Inter-faith marriages to two-state weddings, from retro-themed weddings to destination wedding invitations; MHM combines sensible luxury and contemporary celebrated designs with an unbeatable service guarantee.
Your wedding celebrations might last just a day or two, but your MHM wedding card suite – crafted on the richest card stock and inked to last a lifetime – promises you can look back with fondness and pride on that perfect day for the rest of your life
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Oh yes!
We remember the asterisk (*) we began this piece with Pale. Blue. Dot
*Carl Sagan, the American Astrophysicist, in his famous book “Pale Blue Dot:  A Vision of the Human Future in Space” spoke of how Planet Earth, in a picture taken from Voyager 1 (in 1990) appears like an innocuous pale blue dot. Sagan, an author, and a Science populariser spoke poignantly about how a “pale blue dot” seen across the vastness of the space is just a speck but yet, home.
We love his words and we pledge ourselves to this, our home, our only pale blue dot in the multi-verse.

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