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Ethnic Design Wedding Cards
A superbly crafted ethnic wedding card is a tough balancing act. *
Across faiths and cultures, Marriages combine closely held sacred rituals that are relaxed by allowed degrees of ‘modern’ customization.
Crafting every single ethnic wedding invitation at MHM begins with that paradoxical design question:
How can something so deeply traditional still be crafted modern?
Honestly, it is a challenge we welcome
We understand the nuances associated with Ethnic design wedding cards – from conventional art work preferences and specific iconography for different religions and ethnicities; to color hue, saturation and vibrancy that differs across the global cultures and then the precise quotes, wordings and fonts that works (or does not work) – we have a vast library to guide our creative sensibilities.
So it could be Islamic ‘shaadi’ cards patterned on ‘Arabian Nights’, ‘Mughal Peacocks’, ‘Moroccan Sunset’ ‘Golden Love’; or the Hindu invitations involving ‘Temple bells’, ‘Mandala Sunrise’, ‘Marigold garlands’, ‘Rangoli Fuschia’; or the Christian floral wreath styled cards; or even the vibrant and moody Sikh wedding cards.
At MHM, designers would offer ample renditions and themes, till you nail that balance of ‘modern’ and ‘traditional’
Browse MHM Offerings for Ethnic wedding cards and then call us!
What is the Mostly Handmade Wedding Card Suite all about?
Understanding the eternity of a wedding card, Mostly Handmade prints only on the richest card stocks that are inked to last a lifetime. It also teams up its exquisite collections with a wide variety of trendy trims like customised envelope liners, hand stamped wax seals, delicate vellum wraps, and glamourous belly belts, all customized for the complete Wedding Suite – Save the Dates, Itineraries, Menu cards, Order of Ceremonies, Shagun envelopes, Mehendi, Raas- Garba, Sangeet, Cocktails and Gift Registry.
Want More?
Go the full nine yards!
Browse our TRIMS section to enhance your dream wedding with custom envelope liners, wax seals, vellum sleeves and belly belts.
What is the Mostly Handmade Card Design Promise?
Mostly Handmade has multiple lines of design, both for paper cards and e-cards.
Browse Mostly Handmade’s bespoke design themes that straddles and borrows from the rustic, traditional, artistic, boho, modern minimalistic, ethnic, quirky, travel, caricatures and even post-modern design motifs and philosophies From Inter-faith marriages to two-state weddings, from retro-themed weddings to destination wedding invitations; MHM combines sensible luxury and contemporary celebrated designs with an unbeatable service guarantee.
Leveraging a mix of industrial and artisanal techniques (Serigraphy, Laser cutting, Digital Printing, Gold foiling, wax seals and more), Mostly Handmade brings its nuanced design understanding to create contemporary and experimental creation lines.
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Work with one of our friendly wedding designers and sales consultants to help customize colors, layouts, and logos to perfection. Research, and glean from our website tips and blogs on wedding envelope addressing, latest wedding etiquette wording, conventions around RSVP, the annual wedding card designs trends, top wedding color themes, fascinating ways to announce your wedding or ask us for the ultimate wedding checklist
* Here is our blog on Ethnic wedding card designs and more

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