Latest Must-See Wedding Invitation trends of 2019


A quick read to bring you abreast of the popular wedding invitation trends of 2019.

The wedding invitation is the first thing guests experience about your wedding, so it’s not surprising that couples go to great lengths to get that perfect card!

Here are our hottest trends for wedding invitations that are all the rage this wedding season! 

PLANTABLE CARDS  – The hottest trend this wedding season are eco-friendly, plant-able wedding invitations. These amazing cards are embedded with actual living seeds which blossom into new life. WOW!
For the earth conscious couple, this is a true message of love and a great way to start a new life together. It’s got our vote for sure! As with every new technology, there are plenty of fakes out there, so make sure to buy from legitimate sources.


WAX SEALS – Personalizing your wedding invitation never got easier! A beautiful wax seal adds a classic, yet trendy touch to any invitation. You could select gold for a royal feel, or match the color to your card or better yet –the timeless classic – red! Whatever your style, a wax seal is the most exclusive and personal finishing touch and the most coveted wedding invitation accessory of the year.


BELLY BELTS – As weddings get more and more elaborate, there are often multiple events, often with wholly different guest lists! To keep things simple and stress free, smart couples are opting for multiple inserts in their wedding suite. But presentation can become a challenge. Some guests might miss that extra card or worse yet, misplace it altogether! A belly belt is an elegant way to tie it all together! It gives the invitation suite a professional and organized feel and an unexpected touch of thoughtfulness. Our designer’s pick is a soft glitter belt that adds a hint of sophisticated glamour to the whole ensemble.


GOLD FOILING – While the design trend in invitations is moving towards classic simplicity, gold foil has made a comeback this year! Gone are the days of gaudy and over the top wedding invitations…. it’s all about elegance for today’s couple. If you are looking to make your wedding invitation a real work of art, then gold-foiled details are a must. With the right design sensibilities, it can transform the simplest wedding invitation into a gift fit for royalty.  Perhaps that is why India’s hottest couple Deepika & Ranveer choose that style for their wedding invitation too. Take a look below-


VELLUM WRAPS – Delicate tissue wraps are a new trend this year and we have to admit they add an elegance like nothing else! Unconventional couples often choose to do away with a boring old envelope altoghther and choose this style of modern presentation. Take a look below and you’ll see why-


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