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How to plant your seed paper wedding invitation card

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Many couples today are opting for green and sustainable solutions on their wedding day. What would be a better beginning than  seed paper  wedding invitations made with plantable paper. They are an excellent alternative for a couple planning an eco-friendly and climate conscious wedding. Mostly Handmade’s plantable cards are trending globally, as they are biodegradable and made with recycled paper (wow!) that does not involve the harming of trees! It makes for a very informed, conscious and thoughtful invite/gift for those who want to add the extra touch to their special day, by giving back to mother nature.

At Mostly Handmade, we have a wide range of plantable (or seed paper) card designs to choose from. From modern minimalistic to traditional Indian prints, we love to pamper our customers with eco-friendly options so that they do not have to compromise on their design while opting for a seed card! check out our 100% hand-printed eco-friendly creations that are rustic and artistic –

Palntable Seed Paper wedding invitation

After its use the seed card can be planted in 5 simple steps and here’s all you need

  • A planter of your choice
  • Soil
  • The seed card
  • A well-ventilated and sunny spot to place your new friend in

Plant paper


Step 1: Get your pot ready

Fill your pot up with adequate amount of soil and ensure that you don’t overfill the pot with too much of it. PRO TIP – Dads are often great at this… so perhaps you can also outsource 😀

Step 2: Plant your paper

Moisten your seed card overnight with tap water to make it soft and pliable. In the morning, plant your card in the soil and ensure that it is fully covered with dirt. Press down on the soil gently once done.

Step 3: Water it

This one is a no-brainer! It is crucial to keep the soil moist at all times for the first 10 days without fail. Let the soil be damp but not submerged in water.

Step 4: Let it grow

Once the plant starts to sprout, water the pot sparingly, according to the weather and do not overburden the planter with moisture.

Step 5: Enjoy your new plant!

Depending on the species, after a few weeks of growth, your plant could begin to bloom and flower. So trim them, water them according to your preference and don’t forget to enjoy the little piece of nature in the comfort your home!

Now that you know how thoughtful and eco-friendly  plantable seed paper wedding invitations can be, lets head over  to Mostly Handmade Plantable Wedding Cards collections and browse their award-winning designs ! –

MORE ABOUT US –  Mostly Handmade Design is a Bengaluru based Card Studio that specializes in contemporary & minimalistic wedding invites, artisanal floral & ethnic designs, Quirky & Boho wedding card designs and wedding e-cards.

Mostly Handmade brings to you the entire wedding card suite – Cards, Inserts, Gold foils, Hand-made illustrations and a plethora of finishes & trims like belly belts, vellum wraps, personalized wax seals, tags, monograms and more.


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