How to choose the most stylish fonts for your wedding

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Discerning couples today are aware of thousands of stylistic choices for their wedding cards. Apart from the color palettes, the associated trims and the type of printing along with the paper quality, there is the nuanced matter of choosing the most stylish fonts for your wedding card. At Mostly Handmade, a boutique wedding card design studio, we are often quizzed on what are some of the available stylish fonts for that dream card. Here is a quick roundup for you (of both paid and free fonts)

Karin Display Font – A modern minimalistic font bordering on the quirky

Qindom – A rustic and versatile font

Brandine – Understated and Homespun quality

Marison Brieny – Clean lines with a romantic sensibility

Catties – Casual and Youthful style

Charlotte – Feminine and a joyful font

Enriq Round Sans – Handcrafted that is a fashionable font

Orchid – Sans Serif with an old world feel

Valencia – Art Deco sans Serif with minimalist touch

Kenjo and Omega Sans – Japanese Minimalism

Aadam – Modern Sans Serif font

Giaza – Ultra Stylish with exaggerated swashes and ligatures


Hamilton Font Family – Authentically Vintage

My Dear – Vintage Handwriting

Airwaves Font Duo – Condensed Sans Serif with signature like effect

Hanty Kagote – Literary, Ornate and Ultra Romantic


Now that you have seen a few of the stylish fonts available for the vintage looking wedding card designs, why not head over to Mostly Handmade wedding card collections? You would find some classy card collections including wedding ecards.

Mostly Handmade Design is a Bengaluru based Creative Design Studio that specializes in contemporary & minimalistic wedding invites, artisanal floral & ethnic designs, Quirky & Boho wedding card designs and wedding e-cards.

Mostly Handmade brings to you the entire wedding card suite – Cards, Inserts, Gold foils, Hand-made illustrations and a plethora of finishes & trims like belly belts, vellum wraps, personalized wax seals, tags, monograms and more.

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