ChetanAhimsa Eco conscious wedding

Here’s how Sandalwood actor Chetan’s eco-friendly wedding made waves in the industry!

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After charming us with his boyish good looks and fighting skills in the hit Kannada blockbuster, Aa Dinagalu, Kannada actor Chetan Ahimsa took the leap of his lifetime with lufe partner and well known social activist, Megha on February 1st  2020.

Now anyone who knows Chetan’s world view or if you are one of his more than 1 million fans on twitter or other platforms, you know full well that this is one actor who’s not just about his looks or his yummilicious muscles…. he also has a sensitive side to him! This amazing human constantly uses his fame to push conversations about the environmental crises of our nation and social topics that need promotion…now that’s selfless love!

So, true to his nature and public image, Chetan, together with beautiful and gentle Megha decided that their special day would be about making a difference to as many people as possible. Isn’t that just the most beautiful thought?


We at the Mostly Handmade Studio got the most pleasant shock of our lives when the famous couple walked in one day, and asked us about our eco-friendly wedding cards and favors. Needless to say, they won us over in no time….and the whole team got together, to make their amazing concept come to life! So let’s take a look at how this lovely couple went about creating a beautiful and unique wedding that was surely the most socially progressing wedding event we have seen this year!

The Wedding Invitation

We are all familiar with designer wedding invitations that are the stuff that most girls dream of. But a recent trend of boho weddings means that those with a subtler taste also get to indulge now. Mostly Handmade Studio has been crafting plantable eco-friendly wedding cards for the past 3 years now and has mastered the delicate art of printing on seed paper.

For newbies, plantable paper cards or seed paper cards are  wedding cards embedded with real seeds that grown into beautiful flowering plants or herbs when planted. How cool is that!?

Mostly Handmade, the leading card maker for eco-friendly wedding cards in India, guarantees that all their plantable wedding cards have assured germination and only uses paper that is recycled and handmade… it’s no wonder that celebs and expats are all choosing Mostly Handmade signature eco-friendly designer wedding invitations for their wedding announcements.

Chetan Ahimsa was no different. As a celeb, used to being the best in his field, his wedding cards too were designed & hand printed to perfection at the Mostly Handmade Studio. And the results will enthrall you!

True to his social outreach wedding concept, we ensured that his cards were printed not just in English, but also Kannada, the state of his origin and home of his choice!

mEGHA_cHETAN_Eco-Wedding mEGHA_cHETAN_Eco-Wedding

They opted for a royal blue and fuschia color scheme with matching envelopes with gold detail. We made sure that the invitation listed out the unique Order of Ceremony. It included a wonderfully written note about their non-ritualistic wedding with a sincere request to guests, urging them to not bring gifts or flowers for the ceremony.

Mostly Handmade also crafted exclusive Press Kits holding details of the eco-friendly wedding card concept that were picked up in newspapers and news channels across the nation, taking the social message beyond the wedding day and into the homes of every Indian!

ChetanAhimsaEco Wedding

A Socially Conscious Wedding

The wedding ceremony started with true grace and simplicity. Planned with the intent of giving back to nature and to society, this amazing and selfless couple actually let go off all the wedding dhamaka, choosing instead, a low-key and dignified civil registration in the presence of close family & friends. Guests were informed in the wedding invitation itself and were all in for the experience.


ChetanAhimsa Eco conscious wedding

And that’s not all, the next day they went on to host their Wedding Reception at Vinod Bhave Ashram in Bangalore. What a moving thought that instead of spending their wedding day doing things that indulged their own fantasies, this loving couple made it their agenda to visit orphanage children and share their wedding feast with them.

They replaced the classic wedding DJ with performances by Karnataka folk dancers and even hosted a classy book show on the side, so guests could learn about the work of young artists who would normally never get that opportunity!

It was an extravaganza of a different kind. Nearly 3000 guests from all walks of life bore witness to the couple who took three different vows –

  • one towards each other,
  • another towards society and
  • the last towards nature

and all in the presence of transgender activist Akkai Padmashali, whose words were an added inspiration to the new life they began together that day.

Chetan Ahimsa Eco Wedding

The Wedding Celebrations

Of course, no Sandalwood celebration is complete without celebs and true to the Indian spirit of masti, their Reception gala was a star-studded event ! Top actors like Puneeth Rajkumar stepped up personally to speak about the newly-weds and this exclusive Sandalwood evening was made super endearing through their candid and personal stories that made us remember why we are such fans!


Chetan Ahimsa Wedding

As wedding favors, the guests returned with their own printed copies of the Indian constitution as a reminder of the values and rights that are responsible towards as citizens of this country.


As Chetan Ahima says:

“We wanted people to read the Constitution, to uphold and abide by its values, and to share our ideals of working towards an equal society”

Now that’s bold & beautiful!

Truly, the times are changing. Extravagant and wedding celebrations are flying out the window, replaced by more meaningful, intimate celebrations…so, what kind of eco-friendly wedding day are you planning?

Drop us your dreams today at and tell us your wedding concept…. because without dreams how will reality surpass our expectations, right?

And don’t forget to check out our eco-friendly wedding cards on our website or check our Instagram at mostlyhandmade/ for pictures of real wedding and more.


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