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6 months ahead of D-Day

Pinterest your life out! – Start the fun of wedding planning with Pinterest…make your boards and start tagging everything that you love….it will be a real help later to look back and check and its so easy to share with your besties too ! Clothes, Invitations and Décor are the main things that need a design touch so focus on these for now.

Work out your budget – It’s gotta be done! But it’s not as impossible as you thought. Jot down a small list of what you have put away in your kitty for the wedding must-haves. Then have a quick word with the family or your better half and you’ll instantly know what other large expenses are headed your way

Choose your guest list –Making the guest list will require a discussion with parents from both sides.  A big fat wedding is always fun for everyone but an intimate wedding could let you splurge on a great photographer or customize the return favors for a truly memorable experience. So don’t be shy to speak up for what you truly want.


Reserve your date and venues  – Finalize your dates and then start venue hunting. Remember, the earlier you get this done, the more you save! 

Research card makers, photographers, makeup artists, dress makers, florists, and caterers – Loads of websites list the best in the business so start browsing now. Facebook and your friends will also be a rich source so put the word out. It might be a great idea to lighten the load with the help of family members – especially details like catering or florists.

If you have done all this 6 months before the wedding date, you are in top spot for a perfect wedding celebration. 

Now’s a good time to chill a bit and maybe think of taking a few days off with your buddies for a bachelorette/bachelor party and TREAT YOUR SELF.


Hire a planner, if desired – Getting bogged down with wedding planning? Outsource the headache to a planner and get great deals through their vendors plus now you can focus on what really matters – Yourself 😀

Send save-the-date cards – When you have people travelling over for the wedding, it’s a good idea to send out save the dates so that they can plan their tickets early. You’re sure to win points for most thoughtful bride/groom of the year.


Design your invitations – Don’t lose the momentum….design your cards early. The wedding card is your eternal memento and the first touch point for your guests. Make sure it captures your true wedding essence. Professional design studios will work with you across cities and time zones to make it happen around all budgets. 


Book the photographer – No need to talk specifics yet, but be sure that the people you hire are open to doing the shots that you want.

Design your attire – make sure your main clothes order is done with so that you have a chance for fittings a month before the main day.

Meet caterers & florists – Open up your notes, and call all your shortlisted caterers and florists. Haggle, cry, plead…do whatever is needed and get yourself the best deal possible. Make sure you put down some deposits and lock them down so that you are done with the worrying after this day.

Do your final clothes fittings- Don’t miss the final fitting, you will be surprised how much difference a well fitted dress makes to your confidence on the final day. Take a day off from work and don’t feel guilty! It’s for your wedding day and it doesn’t come around every year after all.

Reserve hotel rooms for out-of-town guests – Pick hotels close to the venue so that you don’t have to worry about the logistics of travel for out of town visitors….this becomes a big hassle on the main day.

Arrange transportation – If your guests need to move around across the city, consider hiring a service for transportation. Short and easy distances can always be managed by app – based services like Uber and Ola but be sure to check early for these service if you’re having a destination wedding in a remote area.

Get a Program for the day –Give your guests a thoughtful program for the day so they know where to go and what dress codes to follow and it saves a lot of hassles on the main day when you want to just focus on your own preparedness. You can strike a deal with the card makers for a full wedding suite and same some cool pennies too!


Plan your Return gifts – Since these are needed only on the main day, leave this for the end…but not too late that you are rushing. It’s a great way to leave guests with a brag-able memento of your big day. If you’re planning to have welcome baskets for out-of-town guests, plan those now too. Again, it’s popular to get these monogrammed with your own messages, so let your card maker know.

Get your marriage license – If you plan to register the wedding at the same time as you’re having the celebrations, find a responsible family member to get a license made so that everything is smooth in the end.

One week before the wedding –

  • Check and double check on call with all your vendors
  • If possible, go for a trial hair and make up sitting and call the photographer to take some test shots
  • Break in your wedding shoes!
  • Collect your wedding clothes and try them once to avoid unpleasant surprises in the end
  • Call/ email/whatsapp your friends & colleagues to reconfirm that everyone is geared up for the party – a program for the day works great so you can avoid repeating the same things over and over to each guest
  • If you’re headed for a honeymoon straight after the wedding, try to get your vacation clothes packed in advance
  • Buy multiples of your basic needs – in the madness of wedding planning, don’t be hunting for your phone charger or perfume. Buy an extra pair of some essentials and leave them with a responsible friend/sibling


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